how to change gmail account on android

There are times when you want to change the gmail account on android phones, but it is constrained by installed applications, and to overcome this, if we want to change gmail account on android phones, you're forced to wipe the android handset or have to do factory reset.

There's actually an easier and effective to replace your android gmail account without having to do Hard resert on Android phones.
following steps to change gmail account:
1. Log on homescreen display.
2. Go To Menu Settings Click Menu Setting / Settings.
3. Step Setting: Setting, click the Application, click Manage Application, click Gmail
4. Step Clear Data: Click the Clear Data Gmail.Klik
5. Will emerge prompted "Information All you've saved in this application will be Permanently delete": Click on OK
6. Synchronize Data Step: Press the Back button, click the Synchronize Data
or through the Home: Menu Click Settings Click account Click on the data set.
7. Wizard will appear to enter a new Google account.
 same as the Wizard will appear when we buy a new android phone.
By following the above steps you may change your Gmail account on android phones with easeGood luck,

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