YouTube downloader apps for Windows Phone

Who is not familiar with YouTube, the
Google-owned video streaming site
does offer a wide selection of
interesting videos. Because of its
stream, of course, requires a data
connection to open it and you will be
charged for the data connection, your
order is not continuous data costs,
you should download the video file to
be played at any time.

If you are the owner of windows
phone, you can use this application to
download files GetThemAll youtube,
video downloader Like most applications, also supported GetThemAll file conversion facilities and change the video format standard used YouTube to formats that can be played on cell phones, for example, is 3gp or mp4 format , another
interesting thing, the application GetThemAll able to download all the
content on the page HTML5 browsers
such as audio, graphics and document
file format. pdf,. txt and. html, with
ease, including HD video

GetThemAll Applications can be
downloaded for free from the Windows
Phone Store / Marketplace or click following URL:

Use the following steps:
1. Once downloaded, install the application GetThemAll to your phone and run it.
2. To start hunting video, you can
copy / paste the link URL of the video
that has been put into the default
browser application.
3. Once the display is open YouTube, you can find the desired video file. Able to utilize YouTube search facility.
4. Next, select the video file you wish to download.
5. Click Download a shortcut in the
bottom of the browser display
GetThemAll applications. By default,
the application will display a collection
of files that can be downloaded.
6. tick in the dialog box that is on the right Side of the option file. Here, you can
choose what files you want to download (video, audio, picture and so on).
7. Click the back shortcut Download to start downloading the file. Select OK on the popup notification that appears.
8. To check the download, click the application menu marked with an icon in the form of three dots in the lower right corner of the application. Then select
9. Results download are automatically saved in the download folder that can be accessed from the file manager application GetThemAll.
10. If you want to play the video file,
just go to the file manager menu>
Select the file storage folder, and
select the video file.
11. In addition to directly see it, you can save the downloaded file into Microsoft
Windows that cloud storage SkyDrive.
Just choose and check the files in the
file folder manager> click GetThemAll
application menu and select SkyDrive.

To be able to enjoy sharing to
SkyDrive, you need to Sign in /
register SkyDrive account you have.
Enter the user name and password,
and select Yes to confirm the
approval> OK. The process of sharing
to SkyDrive will also take place


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