How To Play PlayStation on Android Phone

The number of cool games for android phones, but it certainly did not dampen the interest of a person who likes to experiment. So that you can play PS1 games on mobile android games of course you need a PS1 emulator, and psx bios for android phones.

First of all, please download first PS1 emulator (psx4droid) and (FPse):
8wkswy7w3csaw28 (psx4droid),

or, search and download on the android market.

Then follow the steps following settings:

1. Make a special folder on the external SD card to put the bios file. And name the folder.
For example: GamePsx.

use management applications or files can be downloaded on the android market. OI file
manager or astro file manager

2. Install PS1 emulator application on the android phone (FPse).

3. Install applications psx bios.

4. Do the bios settings. Go to settings> system> Bios Loading.

5. Then according to the bios file browser folder that you created earlier.

6. If the steps are complete, do not forget to save in order to setting unchangeable. Choose Default Config menu or tap the Save (save as the default config).

Then you live browsing PS1 games to be played. PS1 game for his own use by extension or format game ISO / Bin do not the exe.

Stick to its setting yourself, you can access input on the menu when the game was played, lived in the check which button you are going to show. And select save.

You can find games on the PS1 Most of these games a capacity of more than 500 MB.

But not all PS1 games played on the android phone, android and you also have to support minimal fun file 2.1 (clair) to the top.

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