How to find a lost windows phone

Many ways you can do to maintain or
protect critical data in Windows Phone,
so as not to fall into the hands of
people who are not responsible. For
example, by activating the password
(password) or Personal Identification
Number (PIN), So when Windows
Phone is lost or stolen, no one else can
use your Windows Phone (make
phone calls, read your email, etc.), the
question now is, how to find a Lost
Windows Phone ?, there are several important steps that must be prepared first. >> setup find my Phone on Windows Phone

After doing three preparations above
and if your phone is lost, the 'Find My
Phone' it can be used to find the Windows phone, how to find a lost
windows phone:
1. From PC / Computer, open a URL link in an Internet browser

2. Navigate your mouse cursor over the tab drop-down Explore, My Phone's in the top right corner of the browser, and select Sign In.
3. Log in using your Microsoft / Windows Live are the same as you use on windows phone.
4. Once connected, navigate back drop-
down menu and select the 'Find My
Phone' and follow the instructions in
the dialog box (you only need to do it
once, after that, Windows Phone will
be automatically displayed on the map when you open the tab 'Find My
Phone' .
Note: a. If the PC / printer connected to your computer, you can print (print) Windows Phone site by clicking Print. b. To ensure the new location of the missing Windows Phone, you can click the Refresh option. c. If you have rolled the map and lose track your phone's location on it, click the Center On Map.

To make Windows Phone rings:
1. In the feature 'Find My Phone', select Ring.
2. Wait a while until theconnection to the Windows phone successfully.
3. The phone will ring even if the volume of Windows Phone is turned off or in vibrate mode.

To lock the phone and display a message: 1. In the feature'Find My Phone', select Lock.
2. Follow the instructions in the dialogbox. If you do not have a password set on your phone, you need to enter the password you will use to lock Windows Phone when you get it back.
3. You can also type a message to be displayed on-screen windows phone. Typically, alternatephone number or email address. So, if anyone can find your direct contact.

To erase the data on the phone
1. Inthe feature 'Find My Phone', select Erase.
2. On the confirmation screen, do one of the following:
- Tostart deleting phone data, select"I'm sure! Please erase my phone now." then click Erase. - If you change your mind, click Cancel.


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  2. Once you are certain the windows 8 phone is lost, you can also give a lock message with your address so a good person getting it can return it back.

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