How to set up find my Phone on Windows Phone

If you have a Windows Phone, there are quite powerful tips that can be used to locate a missing phone because it is tucked away, forgotten or stolen laying. Namely, by using the Find My Phone to help you monitor the location of the missing Windows Phone last with the help of a digital map that has Windows Phone. Not only that, the Find My Phone also provide additional facilities such as ringtones activate Windows Phone (Ring), phone lock (Lock) and delete the data on the Windows Phone (Erase), All facilities can be done remotely from a distance alias.

To take advantage of the features
'Fine My Phone' in Windows Phone,
there are several important steps that
must be prepared first.
1. If the 'Fine My Phone' in Windows Phone is not yet activated (Connected), then you should enable it. Go to the
Settings menu, select the System
tab> 'Find My Phone', and give a
check on all the options.
2. The 'Find My Phone' is connected directly to the location data derived from GPS location or BTS operator detected the phone. So, you need to turn on the Windows Phone Location menu.
The trick, go to Settings> Location> Location Services, select On.
3. Make sure you register Windows Live account on your phone, so your integrates directly with all existing data on the Windows Phone such as email, contacts and location data.

After doing three preparations above and if your phone is lost, the 'Find My Phone' it can be used to find your Windows phone.

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